This bridge and this incredible coastline #bixbybridge #california // Shot by: @flolum ; Edit by me.

The Payoff // What started off as a view of the falls from a touristy viewpoint turned into an adventure mixed with a little danger, to reach the falls below. It was awesome.

Snowy days at Burnaby Mountain // othellonine Snowy days at Burnaby Mountain // othellonine
Nature calling #BritishColumbia. Pictured mauriceli Nature calling #BritishColumbia. Pictured mauriceli

A privilege to be interviewed by Rinse Blog.


Dan Lum, an avid adventurer and a visual storyteller from Vancouver talks about what kickstarted his passion for photography and why it’s a great era to share your vision to and with the world.

"Photography matters to me because it compels me to observe my surroundings and intentionally…